About our Addressing the Silence of God in our life. Turning our Silence and our Souls over to God. “Unto God I Will Turn and Lift Up My Hands.” Psalm 28

“God our Father, We Your Children Challenge You to be Silent No More in our Lives.”

Only in the sacredness of inward silence does the soul truly meet the secret, hiding God. The strength of resolve, which afterward shapes life, and mixes itself with action, is the fruit of those sacred, solitary moments. There is a divine depth in silence. We meet God alone. – Author: Frederick William Robertson

To address what we perceive to be the “silent treatment” from God, we must, by all necessity recognize that there is a silence in the first place. It means we must first make that initial recognition somewhere within our souls that there is a place we do not recognize within us that is starkly different from what we are used to experiencing, vastly contrasting with our “encoded status quo.”

We must not just acknowledge that our “encoded status quo” is being “tickled” by something or someone we do not recognize, but there is also, likewise, that inner sensation that we are being “tickled,” we are not so inclined to ignore it.

The noise we are all too familiar with is somehow now becoming an irritant. It is not just a small irritation otherwise we would continue to so easily dismiss it.

No! it becomes more and more noticeable – it is ever so slowly interjecting itself further and further into those places which were previously declared numb or even dead spaces in our souls and our lives, and they are now becoming alive.

These numbed or dead spaces within our souls suddenly becoming alive within us lack a specific name. We are complete strangers to such places awakening in us. These are places which possess no boundaries, sadly, lacks true definition.

All our conscious and unconscious efforts to suppress them completely fail us.

Now, out of nowhere, without any degree or measure of advanced warning there is that irrepressible urge to put “words” to our souls being “tickled.”

“Yo! Anybody who is listening to me right now –

Pray! Tell Me PLEASE, what is Up with my Soul!”

Psalm 28 Complete Jewish Bible

28 (0) By David:

(1) Adonai, I am calling to you;
my Rock, don’t be deaf to my cry.
For if you answer me with silence,
I will be like those who fall in a pit.
Hear the sound of my prayers
when I cry to you,
when I lift my hands
toward your holy sanctuary.

Don’t drag me off with the wicked,
with those whose deeds are evil;
they speak words of peace to their fellowmen,
but evil is in their hearts.
Pay them back for their deeds,
as befits their evil acts;
repay them for what they have done,
give them what they deserve.
For they don’t understand the deeds of Adonai
or what he has done.
He will break them down;
he will not build them up.

Blessed be Adonai,
for he heard my voice as I prayed for mercy.
Adonai is my strength and shield;
in him my heart trusted, and I have been helped.
Therefore my heart is filled with joy,
and I will sing praises to him.

Adonai is strength for [his people],
a stronghold of salvation to his anointed.
Save your people! Bless your heritage!
Shepherd them and carry them forever!

The Word of God for the Children of God. Gloria! In Excelsis Deo! Alleluia! Amen.

Psalm 28:1-2 Amplified Bible

A Prayer for Help, and Praise for Its Answer.

A Psalm of David.

28 To you I call, O Lord,
My rock, do not be deaf to me,
For if You are silent to me,
I will become like those who go down to the pit (grave).

Hear the voice of my supplication (specific requests, humble entreaties) as I cry to You for help,
As I lift up my hands and heart toward Your innermost sanctuary (Holy of Holies).

David’s soul is and has been trying to get David’s attention.

How long David’s soul has been “tickling him” we cannot say?

We cannot put a specific period of time to this – moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or an indeterminate number of years, even decades.

We can say that finally David’s soul has been reached and David recognizes it.

David and his soul are clearly in a space neither of them likes nor appreciates.

David, “a man after God’s own heart,” puts his words and his soul in the same room at the same time and gives them both free reign to say what must be said.

We, ourselves, in this 21st century whirlwind, must now lend our souls to this ancient “heart to soul to God” silent or raucous conversation, its implications.

David tells us in verse one that if the Lord will not hear his prayer that he would be like one of those who go down to the pit.

I take this to mean that this was not only a life and death situation but that it also very likely had some deeply significant eternal implications as well.

I say this because of verses 3-5 where the wicked men who show no regard for the Lord will be torn down and the Lord will not build them back up again.

David, a “man after God’s own heart” now confessing himself as “wicked” and having “no regard for the Lord” with no foreseeable measure or degree of hope?

I suppose that we could all agree that life has its ups and down’s.

Those who identify themselves as “struggling” today may not be in the future and those that identify themselves as “carefree” today may have a whole lot of concerns next week.

These are the “regular” ebbs and tides of life, liberty, pursuit of joy we accept, acknowledge and readily recognize and “live” as being a “normal part of life.”

Yet, here in verse one David is praying from a place of urgency and great need.

Life might be so good for you right now that you cannot identify with David here.

However, I bet you personally know someone who could be praying like David is right here.

There are friends of mine who are facing some really tough situations, and some are even wondering if they will recover from these things.

When David starts this Psalm, he both inwardly, outwardly prays to the LORD.

In other words, David prays by using the personal name of God.

He knows who he is praying to, he knows the nature and character of the Lord.

I try to keep this in mind when I pray too. If I am facing an overwhelming trial.

From that undefinable place of silence, which is now alive and well within me, I cry out to the LORD who delivered His people from their not so silent cries.

I pray to the LORD whose steadfast love is enduring and whose mercy is new every morning.

When I seek the LORD with these things in mind I am encouraged, and my faith is made strong.

I really like verse two. It is this verse that sheds some light on to the specific things David mentioned in verse one.

For example, not only does David pray in verse two but we discover that he prays over and over again for mercy.

David says, “Hear the voice of my pleas for mercy.”

I am glad that David models for us the consistency that he had both in prayer and the theology behind his words.

David needs help and so he prays, raises hands, and pleas to the Lord for mercy.

Then David says, “…when I lift up my hands toward your most holy sanctuary.”

I love this part.

Notice that David lifts not only his souls undefinable place of silence but also his hands and turns away from himself and toward the most holy sanctuary.

Let me share with you what I like about this. Each week I face things that overwhelm me as the writer of this blog. If nothing else does this to me, I know turning to the Word of God through my devotional define my “soul’s silence.”

My silence will be given a defining voice. As the week goes on, I find myself more and more research and study and prayer busying myself with that task.

So much so that I freely admit God is busy not being silent, and I find myself and my soul both figuratively and quite literally, losing much sleep over it.

The Holy Spirit living within me intercedes and “tickles” my soul to find God.

Here David speaks of men and workers of evil. He speaks of those who speak well to their neighbor, but they have evil in their hearts.

Perhaps his soul is referring David back to himself and his whole host of actions contrary to the will of God – David and Bathsheba, Uriah the Hittite, Failures as king and as a father, Ceaseless Palace Intrigue, Absalom’s death, His Census.

Yet, even when David and his soul are facing such people, David takes time to “enter the holy of holies” God’s sanctuary, to raise up his hands to the Lord. David’s inward silence becomes David’s soul’s outward expression of prayer.

He ceases from the everyday pressing business of “royal intrigue” and the concerns and lifts his hands. You may think that this is a small thing, but I really do not think that this is a minor deal. I bet many souls struggle to still their hands and stop their work to lift their hands and souls up to the Lord.

I want “my soul’s silence” to be more like David’s – expressed through prayer.

Did you notice what the Holy Spirit and David’s soul compel David to do next?

He turns toward the most holy sanctuary.

You see, when my good friend asked me how we can help ‘souls’ in “our spheres of influence (which means quite literally everyone) and our church turn to God in the midst of their troubles I immediately recognized the voice of God speaking, acknowledging these verses.

That is exactly what David does here.

Picture David in your mind praying while looking at these wicked men in front of him in his mirror. Then all of a sudden David turns from them and sets his gaze to the most holy sanctuary. What an image. Even if he had enemies in that direction it seems to me that David is now looking beyond them to the LORD.

Imagine how transforming it would be for us if we would do this in some way.

Say I am struggling with some teaching in scripture. If I would look in the direction of our Holy Lord in that moment things would get clearer.

Say that I am struggling with my soul to forgive myself or someone else. If I would look at the Holy Lord and what does for me, I would quickly forgive.

When I find the cares of this world and see the wickedness all around me and it is all staring back at me, my soul’s and my greatest comfort would come when I would set my gaze upon the Holy Lord. This perspective would change it all.

“Bless the Lord, O, My Soul! And all that is within me, BLESS His Holy Name!”

“Bless the Lord, O, My Soul, and forget NONE of His Benefits!”

In the name of God, the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,

Let us Pray,

Holy God, make me a partaker of your Holy Spirit. Enlighten me, oh, God. May I taste this heavenly gift that you reserve for your righteous people. Cleanse me of any barriers in my heart and mind and soul that may stop me from feeling your presence in me. Flood any dark spots in my heart with your light. Help me to walk in your light and shine your beauty and grace on everyone I meet. Amen.

Hymn:When, In Our Music, God Is Glorified
Words:F Pratt Green (1903-2000)
Music:C V Stanford (1852-1924)

Verse 1

When in our music God is glorified, 

And adoration leaves no room for pride, 

It is as though the whole creation cried 


Verse 2

How often, making music, we have found 

A new dimension in the world of sound, 

As worship moved us to a more profound 


Verse 3

So has the Church, in liturgy and song, 

In faith and love, through centuries of wrong, 

Borne witness to the truth in ev’ry tongue, 


Verse 4

And did not Jesus sing a psalm that night 

When utmost evil strove against the Light? 

Then let us sing, for whom he won the fight, 


Verse 5

Let ev’ry instrument be tuned for praise! 

Let all rejoice who have a voice to raise! 

And may God give us faith to sing always 



About Addressing the Silence of God. “Okay God, I am Praying! Demanding! Where for Art Thou now?” Psalm 28

Silence from God is the loudest and the saddest thing I have ever heard. – Lacey Sturm


Where is God today?

Is God just taking that long delayed “spring break” or

Long awaited “summer vacation on HIS mountain top away from everybody else’s sin ‘nails on a chalkboard scratching’ noise?”

How can he allow evil and suffering in the world?

Have “miracles” ceased or have we ceased looking for “miracles?”

Have we ceased looking for God or are we listening to all the latest social media talk God has given up on mankind?

What are some of those soul-chilling statements I have read on social media?

“I would believe in God if he was not so d***ed inconsistent for my tastes.”

“Believe in God? Why? He never helped me or anyone else I ever knew!”

“It is easier for me to believe in what those bullets will do to me if they hit me!”

“Believe in God? That’s a laugher! Look at my neighborhood and tell me why?”

“I would believe in God if I was not so busy ducking all the bombs going off!”

“I would believe in God if He had not stolen my Mom and Dad in that accident!”

“I would probably believe in God if He would just leave me the h**l alone.”

“I would believe in God if He would just let me be a Mom just this one time.”

“I would believe in God if He would just shut His mouth and close His Bible!”

“I would believe in God more if my life would just stop going around in circles.”

“I would believe in God more if I did not get so frustrated in trying to believe!”

There are more. And each one I remember brings greater and greater sadness.

Some days are just days when it is all I can do is to try and stifle my own tears.

“I would believe in God a little bit more If I were not trying so hard not to cry!”

“I would believe in God more If I were not constantly crying out: “Why Me?!”

So, what do I end up doing anyway?


I am touched by the Holy Spirit, and I am returning to the Word of God.


When I am tired of the silence, then I am reminded of the Grace of God.

God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, have again latched themselves to my soul.

Today, I and my spirit are reminded of the vast treasure house of God’s Truth.

Psalm 28 Complete Jewish Bible

28 (0) By David:

(1) Adonai, I am calling to you;
my Rock, don’t be deaf to my cry.
For if you answer me with silence,
I will be like those who fall in a pit.
Hear the sound of my prayers
when I cry to you,
when I lift my hands
toward your holy sanctuary.

Don’t drag me off with the wicked,
with those whose deeds are evil;
they speak words of peace to their fellowmen,
but evil is in their hearts.
Pay them back for their deeds,
as befits their evil acts;
repay them for what they have done,
give them what they deserve.
For they don’t understand the deeds of Adonai
or what he has done.
He will break them down;
he will not build them up.

Blessed be Adonai,
for he heard my voice as I prayed for mercy.
Adonai is my strength and shield;
in him my heart trusted, and I have been helped.
Therefore my heart is filled with joy,
and I will sing praises to him.

Adonai is strength for [his people],
a stronghold of salvation to his anointed.
Save your people! Bless your heritage!
Shepherd them, and carry them forever!

The Word of God for the Children of God. Gloria! In Excelsis Deo! Alleluia! Amen.

The Silence of God

When God is silent is He still working?

You either have to answer “yes”, or “no,” “maybe,” “don’t know,” “I don’t have the slightest idea,” or “I’ve never even thought about it.” “I do not care.”

On the surface, you might immediately answer—”Oh yes, God is always working when He is silent, but I won’t ever believe this is always the case.”

Why would anyone ever say this?

When God is silent don’t get unduly alarmed by His silence but don’t ignore it either. The silence of God is unsettling to us and it tests our faith. 

James 1:3-4 tells us

“Knowing this that the trying of your faith worketh patience but let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

Let patience work—let patience do its job to complete the work that needs to be completed.

We are often too quick to say, “Oh, it must not be God’s will” and give up way too soon. or I will hear preached and taught and counselled that “Don’t worry about it, the answer will come soon. God is still working on it in His silence.

This one royally irritates me:

It often takes time for things to work out. Hold fast to your faith during the silent times. God’s answers are often just around the corner.”

Somehow, that last response invalidates or minimizes my “right now needs.”

Please do not invalidate or minimize me any more than I’m already invalidating and minimizing myself. I guarantee it will only make things significantly worse.

On the other hand, there are often times when God cannot work because He has given people free will to either choose to follow Him or not.

We can make the choice to believe Him or to go our own way. “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own ways” (Isaiah 53:6).

There are often periods of silence when God lets people go their own way and take the consequences of their wrong choices before they turn things around.

Mark 6:5-6 5 Jesus was not able to do any miracles there except the healing of some sick people by laying his hands on them. He was surprised that the people there had no faith. Then he went to other villages in that area and taught…”

He couldn’t do what he had the power to do because the people didn’t believe.

That day a lot of people experienced the silence of God when they could have been healed. It doesn’t say WHY they didn’t believe.

There is another scripture text which reads, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

If you talk to people today, you will find out that a lot of people do not believe that healing is for us today and will say that ended with the apostles.

We have some friends that would say they do not believe in prayer for the sick.

“What is the point of praying for them anyway God does not do that today.”

If people lack knowledge on God’s provisions, they will not receive what they need. We need to see what promises there for us are and apply them to our situation whether it is for healing, or finances, or whatever else we need today.

Another reason for God’s silence is deliberate sin.

“If I regard iniquity (cherished sin) in my heart, the Lord will not hear me” (Psalm 66:18).

A barrier will go up and we don’t hear from God. He is silent for a reason.

We used to sing a song—Nothing between my soul and my savior.

If we identify the silence as sin, we can get that taken care of.

“If we confess our sin, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanses us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

When it seems that God is doing nothing, we may be too busy to notice.

Day in and day out rushing here and there, we are not aware of what is happening.

Do not ignore the silence—watch to see if He is working or not. 

Habakkuk 2:3 tells us what to do. “I will stand upon my watch to see what he will say to me.”

Slow down in the rush of the day and listen and watch closely.

You may be rushing right on by something important.

Get ready to receive by clearing the way.

Go back to the basics.

If you get off track, the Holy Spirit will get you back on track.

He will “guide you into all truth” (John 16:13).

God works throughout our lives silently.

Sometimes we are just in the planting and growing season, and nothing is wrong with the silence of God. The timing is not yet right for the harvest.

The Wife and I looked at a vehicle one time and were going to buy it that day but for some reason they would not make the deal with us that day. We went home frustrated and shrugging our collective shoulders and we did not buy it.

Soon after we found a nicer vehicle – a smaller SUV and we leased it.

In the case of the first vehicle, it was not the right one. The second was brand new and we got a lot of good miles out of it, and we traveled all over the place.

Sometimes God just doesn’t have anything to say to us at the moment because things are unfolding at their own pace or something better is going to emerge in due time.

God’s silence does not mean that He is not present.

He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).

And Matthew 28:20, “Lo I am with you even to the end of the world.

Scripture makes it clear that our heavenly Father hears and answers prayer.

Yet we all experience times when, though we pray for God to act right away, He does not.

What are some reasons for the delay?

At times the Lord sees that our attention is misdirected. Our relationship with Him should have priority over any earthly matter (Mark 12:30).

Yet minds and prayers can become so fixed upon a need that our gaze shifts away from Him.

The Father may delay His answer until we refocus on Him.

In other situations, God waits because the timing is not right for granting our request.

Perhaps certain events must happen first, or people’s thinking needs to be changed.

There are also seasons when the Lord wants to stretch and grow our faith.

One of the ways He accomplishes that is by having us watch for His response.

The Holy Spirit will work in these times of waiting to mature us and bring forth righteous fruit (Galatians 5:22-23).

Other reasons are a wrong motive for our request (James 4:3) and the practice of habitual sin.

We all fall short when it comes to God’s standard of holiness, but some of us persist in a lifestyle of disobedience.

The Lord may delay His answer so He can prompt us to confess our sin and turn back to Him.

Waiting on the Lord isn’t easy—faith and trust are needed (Hebrews 11:1).

In some cases, God is still working when He is silent but that he is working behind the scenes.

Or you can say sometimes we cause the silence by our unbelief.

We may say I just don’t know about his silence because I lack knowledge and need to learn what is in the Word for me.

God, the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, never works in a straight path from A to Z.

He brings a lot of people across our pathway to fit into the total pattern.

When it looks like things are never going to work out, His times and seasons of “palpable” silence plays the proper part at the right time in the total picture.

Matthew 13:10-17 Easy-to-Read Version

Why Jesus Used Stories to Teach

10 The followers came to Jesus and asked, “Why do you use these stories to teach the people?”

11 Jesus answered, “Only you can know the secret truths about God’s kingdom. Those other people cannot know these secret truths. 12 The people who have some understanding will be given more. And they will have even more than they need. But those who do not have much understanding will lose even the little understanding that they have. 13 This is why I use these stories to teach the people: They see, but they don’t really see. They hear, but they don’t really hear or understand. 14 So they show that what Isaiah said about them is true:

‘You people will listen and listen,
    but you will not understand.
You will look and look,
    but you will not really see.
15 Yes, the minds of these people are now closed.
    They have ears, but they don’t listen.
    They have eyes, but they refuse to see.
If their minds were not closed,
    they might see with their eyes;
    they might hear with their ears;
they might understand with their minds.
    Then they might turn back to me and be healed.’

16 But God has blessed you. You understand what you see with your eyes. And you understand what you hear with your ears. 17 I can assure you, many prophets and godly people wanted to see what you now see. But they did not see it. And many prophets and godly people wanted to hear what you now hear. But they did not hear it.

If His answer is delayed, check that

1) your focus is on Him, 2) your motive for asking is both God-glorifying and God-honoring, and 3) you aren’t hiding in and behind the facade of practicing habitual sin. Then you will believe that His response will be for your good and His glory.

In the name of God, the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,

let us Pray,

God, my Refuge and Strength …

I run to you when things get tough. I desperately need help. Hear me, and don’t be silent. Don’t turn me away. I am crying unto you from an earnest and honest heart. I am struggling with your silence in the midst of my unbelief and in pain.

My trust is fractured, and my feelings are hanging by a badly frayed thread. I want with all of my being to trust that You are my Lord and my Rock of safety. Tune my soul and open my ears to your silent voice that I may hear and believe. I pray this in the name of my Savior, Jesus the Christ. Gloria! Alleluia! Amen.


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